Cradle Mountain Lodge

Cradle Mountain Lodge
4038 Cradle Mountain Road,
Cradle Mountain,
Tasmania 7306
Tel: (03) 6492 2103

One of the very finest places to find accommodation at Cradle Mountain must surely be the legendary Cradle Mountain Lodge. This deluxe, fully staffed, modern lodge is equipped with all of the latest amenities and conveniences one could possibly ask for in an exclusive vacation resort, yet still maintains a quiet, tranquil mood of everlasting rustic calm. By the account of many years of satisfied visitors, The Cradle Mountain Lodge provides the discerning pilgrim with the perfect haven to “deprogram” oneself from the manic bustle of urban life and office politics.

Cradle Mountain Lodge is located at the confluence of Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair National Park. Discreetly located within an isolated, yet fully accessible, wilderness setting, here one will find warm hospitality, a sensational course of local wine and fine food, ridiculously indulgent spas and massages, and, naturally, some of the most breathtaking scenery one could ever hope to witness. Once you’ve seen the view from atop some of Australia’s most ancient and majestic mountain tops, you’ll understand why the area has been recently listed as a certified World Heritage site.

Accommodations include four differing styles to choose from. They begin at the top, with the ultra chic, fully deluxe King Billy Suite, which pampers wealthy visitors with separate bed and bath facilities, an indoor spa, huge fireplaces, king size beds, and the like, to the far more affordable, though hardly spartan, Cradle Escape Package, which is sort of the “bachelor’s choice” of vacation stay.

No matter which style of accommodations at Cradle Mountain you care to indulge in, there is something here for everyone, rich or on a budget. And when you stare out at the bright, starry night sky, unhindered by light pollution, you may even experience a quite moment of oneness with the great Spirit of Nature, in the shadow of whom all of our petty mortal differences disappear (if only for a brief moment).

Set in a stunning location, Cradle Mountain Lodge offers cabin style accommodation in four categories from the lower budget yet modern & comfortable Pencil Pine Cabins up to a taste of luxury with the prestigious King Billy Suites. The cabins are positioned discretely on the ranges assuring both wonderful views and a sense of privacy.

There are also the highly popular Spa Cabins and Spa Suites, perfect for a romantic getaway. All cabins are tastefully decorated and furnished with your comfort as a priority. All kinds of walks can be enjoyed, from a gentle stroll to more challenging treks that require a higher level of fitness. The Lodge offers you first rate Cradle Mountain accommodation.

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