Scenery in the Cradle Mountain regionThe Cradle Mountain region is well known for it’s scenic beauty but it has also become famous across the world for the many walking routes that have been developed by the park and lake area development authorities.

There are many hiking and bushwalking trails that have been carved out by legions of nature lovers since the beginning of the 20th century.

From short hikes to adventurous trails that require 5 hours (or much more) to traverse, these paths are absolutely stunning and are an artist’s and photographer’s delight. The area specific flora and fauna add to the invigorating beauty of the landscape and have been the focal point of much research.

The Dove Lake – a glacial lake – and its Loop Walk are very popular attractions and there are many tour operators who offer guided tours with these as the focal point. The historic Waldheim Chalet built by pioneering Gustav Weindorfer is also a major attraction as it offers all a glimpse of how life was lived in days bygone.

Hanson’s Peak and Crater peak have also become popular with their newly laid trails and walks. Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy the habitat of the Tasmanian Devil and the Wombat as they walk through the many trails and walks of the mountains. Wines of the region are increasingly in popularity and the Wilmont Hills Vineyards are considered one of the best in the region.

Local honey and cheese items are feted by leading chefs, and food lovers can relish the wonderful richness of these gourmet delights in the many farms that dot the region. Other attractions include the Marakoopa caves and the King Solomon caves.

Short guided tours are available to see the fascinating glow worm display of the Marakoopa caves and the King Solomon caves will astound the visitor with their light reflecting calcite crystals.